You gave me mine. I'm not here when you are here. All these are in your hands. In your day, I want to die, but it's all because of you. The period of time that I snuggled up with you really disappeared as fast as water. I want to give time a curse, and let it stagnate forever in that second, then our love will permeate every corner of the world. Just because of you, I am eager to keep time and love you till death. In that way, I can deeply imprint your appearance in my mind. In every dream coming at night, I will be compatible with you. Look at your light lips, see your sleeping appearance, and then hold you tightly for fear that you will disappear from my world. I can't see you in my dream for a long time. Your face when I'm lying in bed has become my greatest comfort. For you I put all down, this life, only for you alone to guard boudoir. Who will heal my lust? Standing on the coastline connecting with the sky, looking at the world, collecting the little bits, gathering the heart and love around me, but I lost my favorite you, a TV play that began to have no ending again, and I was the only one who enjoyed the rest of the lament. When I am going to fulfill my promise to you, all I have left is the illusion of your far away. I know I am an easy to be, the world sent me to the most urgent cold tribe, and my heart will always be in your heart. When you no longer love me, when my love for you becomes your burden, when my love for you has become your most painful, when your heart flies to the embrace of others, I just want to witness my loyalty with action. I have been looking for the road with you. I see your shadow in my dream, but I can't catch it. I know it's your punishment. You've made me stay with you all my life. My promise is to keep it for you alone. I will always be by your side no matter what happens in the future. Love you, become a kind of me, for you, only care for you.